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Hypertext Grav Theme

I was on an airplane and frustrated that websites were so slow to load. Turns out it's because they're too heavy! So I wrote the hypertext theme for Grav CMS that prioritizes speed and compatibility above all other things.

Hypertext is a theme for Grav CMS that prioritizes speed and simplicity. It does not require (nor does it include) any Javascript and it keeps styles to a bare minimum. This ensures a fast, consistent user experience across browsers and devices.

Why does this theme exist? Most Grav themes come with heavy JS requirements. Sometimes 1MB or more! These slow down browsers and create compatibility issues. Grav is a very powerful CMS but there should be an option for people who want something as close to hand-coded HTML as possible. This theme tries to separate form and function to create a truly unique experience.

Grav screenshot

It brings all of the powerful CMS features of Grav, but is:

  • Lightweight - Coming in at 0KB of Javascript and <1KB of CSS (optional).
  • Compatible - Works on any browser built after 1995.
  • Consistent - Looks identical across any browser, no matter what.
  • Responsive - Adjusts automatically to any screen size.
  • Accessible - Works with screen readers and any OS language.
  • Readable - Legible and clear, just like the W3C intended.

Read more about the design decisions behind Hypertext here.

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