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2018 Wrap Up

Categories: [general]

The holidays are upon us and it's time for reflection. I'll scribble down a few thoughts about this year and commit to some ways of improving myself. Always a good thing to do.

Without a doubt, this was an incredibly busy year. Here's the skinny:

All of these combined meant that we were basically flickering from event to event. Friends would have birthday parties or weddings and we'd be scrambling the week-of to buy a gift or work it into our schedule. I found myself wishing I had more time and energy for side-projects or just sitting and playing video games for a couple hours.

I've got two resolutions in that vein that I'd like to pursue.

Track time and activities better. I think it would be good to get back into journaling to track my activities and well being more closely. See the influence that eating, sleeping, and exercise have on my outlook.

Take more time for myself personally. I should set aside time for projects as specific "calendared" items. Right now I just hope that I'll find the time to do them. I've got an old PC sitting in my closet waiting to be upgraded that says the time never comes unless you make it so. Hope isn't a strategy.

I'd also like to focus on my health more. My sister-in-law is in the hospital and it's giving all of us pause on how quickly things can go from "I'm feeling fine" to "I have a brain tumor". I'm reminded of an article I read once- there's no way I can find it now- that talked about how adults tend to view their bodies versus how children view their bodies. Too many people our age see their bodies as just a brain vessel for moving their conciousness from point a to point b. Children, on the other hand, usually view brain and body as one thing. They dance when they're happy. They get excited when they run and vice-versa. Maybe that's something we can learn from; treating our body as a separate tool that needs to be maintained and cared for. Like a beloved housepet that you're attched to and that carries you around.