Art of the Smart


This is where I post useful stuff I've made for myself or other folks. You might find some of these useful also. These are different from my blog posts in that they're usually longer-form content that tackles a specific problem or task I got through. Blog posts tend to be either general stuff I want to record about my life or unspecific problems like how important it is to properly document a home renovation.

  1. Recipes
  2. Lists
  3. Software
    • QUnit for Apps Script - QUnit2GS is a Google Apps Script Library that allows Apps Script projects to be tested using the QUnit JavaScript testing framework.
    • Real Estate Worksheet - This Google Sheets workbook is a template to help you track the details and finances of a real estate property you live in or rent.
    • CSS Test Page - A useful test page for any CSS theme. Comes complete with every kind of element I could think of.
    • Hypertext Grav Theme - Hypertext is a theme for Grav CMS that prioritizes speed and simplicity. It does not require (nor does it include) any Javascript and it keeps styles to a bare minimum. This ensures a fast, consistent user experience across browsers and devices.

  4. Hardware
    • Old Machines Made New - I attempt to bring new life to an old Acer Aspire by installing a few select upgrades and running benchmarks.

  5. Video Games
  6. Other Projects
    • 1918 Patriotic Songs & Hymns - I found a book of songs from 1918 in an antique shop for like $10 and thought it'd be nice to scan and publish them online in case anyone would like to have the sheet music.