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[2017-10-11] An Update on Ob2SS

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Hey folks, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on my project, Ob2SS (the Object 2 SpreadSheet script for Google Spreadsheets).

First, I've moved the project to it's own domain at This helps keep my site free of baggage and gives folks a place where they can get the code, read t...

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Object Passing In Google Sheets

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Suppose you're building a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, and you have each row corresponding to- essentially- an entity. Now you're clever, and set up Apps Scripts in order to manage more complex aspects of your worksheet. But how do you pass objects from the spreadsheet context to the script c...

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Here are the top 3 things I love and hate would like to see change in the Grav CMS.

Things to love

A flat CMS is stupendously convenient. Not having to muck around with a database saves a lot of time and headache. It makes migrations easier because you don't need to worry about where your...

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A Reliable Bitcoin Strategy

finance bitcoin etherium investing

With all the recent run-up of Bitcoin and Etherium, I have had a lot of friends and family come out of the woodwork asking me about it. A few of them have asked how many I own (less than you think) or how much I've made (more than I deserve). A few have asked if I have any advice, which I'm happy...

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Suppose you have a spreadsheet to collaborate with colleagues. You've made one field where they can type in whatever they want, but you know that you want some level of standardization, otherwise you can't do aggregate analysis later. What do you do?

The answer is to use Data Validation while si...

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