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An Update on Ob2SS

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Hey folks, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on my project, Ob2SS (the Object 2 SpreadSheet script for Google Spreadsheets).

First, I've moved the project to it's own domain at This helps keep my site free of baggage and gives folks a place where they can get the code, read the FAQ, and post questions about the project.

Second, I've removed writing and updating functionality for now. Let me explain.

It turns out that most of what I'd written was only half-way thought through. Rather than having a complete utility with only half-baked functionality, I'd rather have a half-complete utility with functionality that probably won't change. This means that the version currently available on the site has read functionality only, but it's unlikely to change. That means you can use it with confidence and know that when I (eventually? maybe?) add write functionality, it'll still work the way you expect.

Updates to follow as I need them or as the crowd demands. :)