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Meatloaf Recipe

This is my go-to meatloaf recipe if you need something delicious, easy, and not terrible for you.

A few quick notes before you begin.


All of these are proportional and make enough meatloaf for 6-8 people assuming you make other side dishes.

ingredient quantity treatment summary
Ground beef 450 grams Any fat%, your call
Ground turkey 450 grams As is
Onions 325 grams Chopped
Carrots 240 grams Chopped
Potato 150 grams Chopped
Egg One large As is
Ketchup 3 Tablespoons As is
Breadcrumbs 1 1/4 cups As is
Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons As is
Mushrooms (optional) 50 grams Chopped

Step 1

Chopped ingredients (onions, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms) go in the food processor. Run the processor until the mixture is coarsely minced, roughly the same particle size as the ground meats.

Step 2

Add remaining ingredients to a large mixing bowl. Add minced vegetables to the mixing bowl, casually squeezing extra juice from the vegetables before adding to the bowl.

Removing extra juice isn't necessary, but helps hold the loaf together better.

Step 3

Add salt, pepper, or other seasonings to taste. Remember that the meat is largely unseasoned and the potato will make the dish heartier but less salty/flavorful. I warn folks and let people add what they want while eating, but a good dash of salt and pepper isn't a mistake at this stage (like a quarter teaspoon of each).

Thoroughly blend ingredients until they form a consistent paste.

Step 4

Form into 3 loaves on a flat pan with sides (in case there's juice, especially if you're using 15% fat ground beef).

Bake for about an hour at 375° F, until the exterior is crispy and interior reaches 160° F.